Big Big Wednesday #3


Big Big Wednesday #3


Big Big Wednesday is an annual print journal featuring work by literary and visual artists.

The founding editors are Liza Birnbaum, Molly Schaeffer, and Paul Cavanagh. After years of imagining, Big Big Wednesday’s first issue was funded and released in 2013 in Portland, Oregon, where the journal is still based, and we are now working toward our fourth issue. Past issues have received generous support from Oregon’s Regional Arts and Culture Council and Oregon Literary Arts in the form of a 2015 Literary Publishing Fellowship.

Big Big Wednesday is printed by Brown Printing, Inc., a family business in Portland that goes to great lengths to help us make a beautiful, well-crafted publication. For more information on how we got started, check out our Kickstarter, which was successfully funded in 2013 thanks to the generosity of many folks.

This issue includes work from:
Blake Bergeron
Jenny Calivas
Eliot Cardinaux
Dalton Day
Moyra Davey
Nathalie Di Marino
Jane Dykema
Elmira Elvazova
Brook Herr
Justin Hocking
Noy Holland
Nica Horvitz
Peter Hutton
Ann Lauterbach
Nathaniel Mackey
Megan McShea
Michael Newton
Patricia No
Joanna Pearson
Cassie Pruyn
Geoffrey Sanborn
David Sater
Matthew Buckley Smith
Heather Kai Smith
Emilia Stefani-Law
Carline Belle Stewart
Megan Stockton

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